Discover the upcoming Liberation Route Trips in Italy 

LRE Italy, one of the Foundation’s national branches, has launched a new initiative in collaboration with some national tour operators: the Liberation Route Trips!

Set to commence in the autumn of 2023, the Liberation Route Trips aim to shine a light on the significant sites that played pivotal roles in Italy’s liberation, resistance movements, and the broader backdrop of World War II. Additionally, the journeys will help spread awareness of the Liberation Route Europe walking routes which are located all around Italy. 

The LRE Italy’s Scientific Committee designed the first season of these travels and includes three different multi-day tours in various Italian cities and regions. The first trip, from 5-8 October, will take participants to Emilia Romagna and focus on Resistance Movements between the Po River and the Gothic Line. The second will be hosted in Rome from November 2-5, following the Liberation Route Europe themed route “Rome: Open City”, while the third will be held in Milan from November 17-19, following the “Milan, Capital of Resistance” themed route.

A guide and a historian will accompany the groups. This dual presence aims to meticulously reconstruct past events while providing a comprehensive and enjoyable cultural experience. 

The Liberation Route Trips will provide an immersive investigation into Italy’s historical legacy, as well as an opportunity to learn about, commemorate, and deepen the Italian experience of liberation and resistance. 

I am very pleased with this first round of trips, which I believe are critical to our Association.”, says Carlo Puddu, LRE Italy Managing Director. “Visiting the locations of the historical events described on the Liberation Route Europe website allows tourists and visitors to witness them firsthand. I hope this is the start of a long line of such initiatives.”