Big improvements on the way in 2016

As mentioned previously, we are working hard to develop and improve upon products and services geared towards our partners as well as consumers (tourists and other interested parties). The following is a brief overview of the changes we are working on:

  • The website. We will change the website completely. New storylines, like the one about the Battle of the Bulge, will be added, as well as dozens of ‘items’ along the route, like points of interest. We are also working on a new means of navigating the website, which should make it more user-friendly.
  • Apps. The renewed Liberation Route Europe-app will contain more functions, as well as more information. In addition to our regular app, we are also creating a virtual reality application, which uses an introduction to the Liberation Route as its starting point. From there, the user will find more information about aspects of the Liberation Route Europe in specific regions or areas. A prototype of the virtual reality-app will be tested later this year in the Netherlands.
  • Tour & Travel Guide. The new guide (available in English) offers an overview of museums, points of interests, accommodations, packages, side events and many other items related to the Liberation Route Europe. This renewed guide is roughly 100 pages and will be taken to ITB in Berlin in mid-March (more information about ITB can be found below).
  • Hiking trail. The LREF plans to develop an international, long-distance hiking trail that leads hikers through the main regions of the Liberation Route Europe. In association with several partners, we are working on both the development of the exact route as well as seeking financing for the plan. We hope to launch the hiking trail – which will run from London to Berlin – in the year 2019.
  • Italy. Last but not least, Italy will be the seventh country through which the Liberation Route Europe runs. Several Italian regions, as well as museums, tourism organizations and remembrance associations, are interested in joining our project and becoming part of the route. Meetings are scheduled between representatives of our foundation and Italian stakeholders to look into all possibilities for cooperation. The first meeting will take place in April, when Italy will have its annual WWII commemorations.