SAVE THE DATE | The LRE Forum 2024 will take place in Aachen, Germany, from 26-29 February 

Following the resounding success of the LRE Forum 2023 in Florence, we are pleased to announce that the LRE Forum 2024, co-organized by the LRE Foundation along with LRE Germany and LRE NRW, will be held from 26-29 February in Aachen, Germany. With its rich history and significance during WWII, Aachen is the ideal setting for the LRE Foundation’s annual gathering.

The LRE Forum brings together LRE Foundation members, partners, and tourism stakeholders from around the world for a variety of exciting activities to share innovative ideas and best practices. The event provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for all attendees to learn from one another, network, and develop new collaborations.

The LRE Forum 2024 will kick off with a get-together event on Monday 26th February, followed by a jam-packed schedule of events and activities. During the course of the forum, attendees will have the chance to delve into the possibilities of the remembrance sector by attending talks and panel discussions led by prominent experts. They will also have the opportunity to meet with other LREF members and partners, share experiences, and receive updates from the Foundation. Furthermore, the LRE Forum 2024 will present excellent opportunities for networking with travel trade stakeholders and exploring some of the most influential locations, museums, and memorials linked to Aachen’s WWII history.

Mark your calendars for the LRE Forum 2024 in Aachen, Germany, and get ready to share innovative ideas, and best practices with other like-minded professionals. Keep an eye on our website for more information and updates.

On April 15th, the LRE Foundation will launch a new walking route, the Friesland section of the Canadian Liberation Route 

On 15th April, 78 years ago, Canadian troops liberated Leeuwarden and large parts of Friesland in the Netherlands. To commemorate this historical event, the LRE Foundation will launch a new long-distance walking route in Friesland on the same day this year. This route will be part of the Canadian Liberation Route, an important addition to the Liberation Route Europe hiking trail network that follows the Canadian advance to liberate the country in 1944-45. 

A ceremony will be held in Leeuwarden to commemorate the liberation of the province and officially launch the new route. Nathalie Kramers, Deputy Mayor of Leeuwarden, Avine Fokkens, member of the Friesland Provincial Executive, Matthieu Borsboom, vfunds Chairman and Ed Kronenburg, Chairman of the LRE Foundation Supervisory Board, will speak during the ceremony, emphasizing the significance of commemorating and celebrating our freedom. Moreover, A delegation from the Royal Canadian Dragoons, which played an important role in the liberation, will be present to witness the unveiling of Leeuwarden’s ‘Vector of Memory’, one of the Liberation Route Europe memorials designed by the American architect Daniel Libeskind which are scattered throughout the province to mark the most relevant events on the ‘Canadian Trail’.  

The installation of the ‘Vector of Memory’ in Leeuwarden was made possible by vfonds and other organizations such as the Gemeente Leeuwarden, Stichting FB Oranjewoud, Stichting Friesland 1940-1945, and the Province of Friesland. The vector was adopted by the Public Primary School IKC Aventurijn’s pupils as part of the national project “Adopt a Monument’” that brings local history to life for children. 

The 250-kilometre walking route in Friesland is an important addition to the Liberation Route Europe hiking trails network, stretching from De Blesse in the south to Lauwersmeer in the north of the province.“, says Gert-Jan Jacobs, LREF Press and Communications Advisor “It includes more than 60 stories linked to more than 90 locations, showcasing not only the military story from various perspectives, but also the involvement of the resistance in the liberation, collaboration, hiding, sheltering evacuees, deployment of secret agents, and the experiences of ordinary citizens. Together, these stories tell the history of the liberation of Friesland, making it accessible to both young and old audiences.

The Canadian Liberation Route does not end with Friesland: the province of Groningen will be soon part of the Canadian Trails in the Netherlands as well. Eighty stories from this province have already been added to the Liberation Route Europe website, and eight audio stories will be included soon. Furthermore, another Vector of Memory will be unveiled in Groningen at the end of 2023

The “Maison du Tourisme Cœur de l’Ardenne, au fil de l’Ourthe & de l’Aisne” is a new member of the LRE Foundation

We are delighted to announce that the Maison du Tourisme Cœur de l’Ardenne, au fil de l’Ourthe & de l’Aisne has joined the LRE Foundation’s network. This exciting collaboration will help to preserve and promote the historical heritage of a region that played a pivotal role during World War II. 

The Maison du Tourisme represents five municipalities, including Erezée, Houffalize, La Roche-en-Ardenne, Manhay and Rendeux. The office is dedicated to promoting sustainable tourism and preserving the Ardennes region’s natural, cultural, and historical heritage. 

As a region that played a significant role in the Second World War, two museums stand out: on the one hand, the Battle of the Bulge Museum in La Roche-en-Ardenne, which presents a British section and contains military vehicles, documents, photographs, personal belongings and equipment found on the battleground near the town. On the other hand, the Manhay History 44 Museum is dedicated to the Second World War, specifically to the American units that liberated Manhay. 

The LRE Foundation and the Maison du Tourisme Cœur de l’Ardenne will work together to implement the Liberation Route Europe project, which will include the development of themed routes throughout the region. 

We are delighted to welcome the Maison du Tourisme Cœur de l’Ardenne, au fil de l’Ourthe & de l’Aisne to the LRE Foundation. Their dedication to promoting sustainable tourism and preserving the region’s historical heritage aligns perfectly with our mission. We look forward to developing themed routes and implementing the Liberation Route Europe project, which will highlight the region’s pivotal role in WWII.“, says Rémi Praud, LRE Foundation Managing Director.