Presenting Liberation Route Europe

It has been a busy week for Liberation Route Europe. A part of the team was present in Normandy for the annual D-Day commemorations. Several international journalists were invited by LRE to witness the events and publish about it. The week before, LRE reopened its traveling exhibition ‘Routes of Liberation’ officially at the Normandy beach of Ouistreham.

Another part of team LRE went to Brussels on the 8th of June. In attendance of representatives of several national Tourism Boards, the ideas of the Europe Remembers campaign were presented. In 2019 and 2020, Europe celebrates 75 years of liberation and the end of WWII. As LRE, we will launch an international public campaign to create a broad awareness for these important years.

At the same time, a group of 86 American tourists came to the Netherlands, as part of their ‘Easy Company’ tour across multiple WWII spots in Europe. Hosted by the American WWII Museum in New Orleans, the group had a dinner at Hotel Erica, were LRE historian Jory Brentjes gave a presentation about Dutch railway strikes during Operation Market Garden. Among the audience were two actors of the famous Band of Brothers series.


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