Region Tuscany joins LRE Italy as member

The LRE Foundation welcomes with great enthusiasm the news of the recent addition of Region Tuscany as a new member of LRE Italy. Tuscany is both a key region for tourism and WWII history in Italy and as such we are convinced that this collaboration will bring incredible value to the LRE Foundation and LRE Italy’s networks and will pave the way for other future memberships in Italy.

Paolo Bongini, President of LRE Italy, said of the new membership:

“It is a great honour for us, as well as a real pleasure, to have such an important region as Tuscany by our side. Tuscany is the land where creativity, culture and development come together with heritage and environmental sustainability. Moreover, during the struggle to liberate the country from Nazi-fascism, Tuscan people fought bravely for peace and freedom.

Liberation Route Italy is looking forward to working together with the region to exchange valuable ideas and support our mission. Region Tuscany is greatly aware of the importance of memory transmission about the country’s liberation and resistance. We are also excited for the foreseen opportunities for the touristic development of the many remembrance sites in the region.

The membership will bring additional capacities for the development of the Liberation Route Europe hiking trails on which we are working with the Italian Ministry of Culture. With the 80th anniversary of the liberation in sight, in 2025, we will work hard to seize this great opportunity to also promote a more sustainable form of tourism in our beautiful country.”