The German Federal Government supports the LRE Foundation again in 2021

The LRE Foundation is proud to be supported by the German Federal Government for the second year in a row. In December 2020, the German Bundestag decided to renew its support to the LRE Foundation and the development of the Liberation Route Europe trails. The signature of the grant took place today, 21 May 2021, at the German Embassy in the Hague, at the presence of Deputy Head of Mission, Ingrid Jung, and LRE Foundation Deputy Director, Jurriaan de Mol.

The grant will make possible the further development of the Liberation Route Europe trails, which will form a traceable link between the main regions along the Allied Forces’ advance across Europe, stretching nearly 10.000km. The routes will pass numerous historical locations and tell stories told from a multitude of perspectives that were important in the last phase of World War II.

The Liberation Route Europe trails will be launched very soon, together with a new web-app and travel planner. Later in 2021, the first Vectors of Memory will be placed, and a mobile app will enable visitors to hike, walk and cycle the Liberation Route Europe.

LRE Foundation Deputy Director, Jurriaan de Mol, said: “We are very happy to receive substantial financial support from the German Federal Government again in 2021. The German government has renewed its commitment to upholding the LRE Foundation’s mission, values and initiatives. We are extremely proud of this landmark decision.”

Deputy Head of Mission at the German Embassy in the Hague, Ingrid Jung, spoke about the reasons behind the decision of supporting the LRE Foundation and the Liberation Route Europe’s trails project during the LRE Forum in February. Listen to her inspiring words at this link.