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The LRE Foundation has a large network of members and partners throughout Europe and North America, from remembrance institutions to travel trade operators and tour guides.


Since 2016, the LRE Foundation has been a member-supported organisation through individual and regional memberships. The Foundation has members in ten European countries and offers them several networking opportunities, representation in travel trade shows, visibility in marketing and communication activities, cooperation in projects, remembrance tools, and platforms aiming to promote a meaningful tourism and make history accessible to an international audience.

Membership of the LRE Foundation is reserved to non-profit organisations such as museums, local and regional governments, tourism boards, associations, research and education organisations, etc.
For-profit companies and travel trade operators can sign ad hoc partnerships with the LRE Foundation.

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Travel Trade

The LRE Foundation has developed a travel trade approach and several partnerships to promote the Liberation Route Europe. The LRE Foundation works as an intermediary for its partners (museums, tourism boards etc.) and the travel trade industry. In cooperation with its international partners, it works to make this essential part of European history more visible and accessible to visitors from all over the world, combining Liberation Route Europe with innovative and sustainable tourism products and special offers.

The LRE Foundation is a valuable knowledge centre in the remembrance tourism sector, thanks to years of experience and a large network of members and strong partnerships in the European and North American travel trade industry – including tour operators, educational travel operators, online travel companies, guided tours organisations, etc.

The Tour&Travel Guide is the ultimate tool to inspire travel trade operators to include the Liberation Route Europe in their own tours and packages. Seven map-based country booklets tell the stories and mark the key remembrance sites in nine European countries, and a general booklet provides detailed information about the travel trade activities of the LRE Foundation.

The LRE Forum is a multi-day event that brings together LRE members and remembrance tourism professionals every year. A key part of the forum is the LREXPO, a thematic travel trade fair that provides ample networking opportunities and discussions on emerging trends in the tourism industry. Featuring regions, institutions, and tourism operators across Europe, the LREXPO inspires unique travel offers and partnerships to reach a larger, international audience. 

The LRE Foundation organises multiple FAM Trips – Familiarisation Trips – for the international travel trade industry. Such trips inspire travel trade operators to include different parts of the Liberation Route Europe in their tours, introducing the route to a wider international audience. If you are interested to join one of our next trips, please reach out to us for more information.

The LRE Foundation Team regularly attends international travel trade shows such as WTM LondonITB Berlin, ETOA GEM and ETOA City Fair, Cycle Summit, along with other regional fairs. The LRE Foundation is a member of the European Tourism Association (ETOA). At trade shows, the Team showcases its activities, the remembrance sites across Europe and represents its members and partners. 

WWII Guide network

The LRE Foundation has established a guide project to recruit battlefield guides to interpret the Liberation Route heritage to visitors from across the world. The LRE Guide network ensures quality of WWII tours and makes LREF visible on the ground. Being part of the LRE Guide Network is a quality certificate of WWII tours, both on content and practice.

Throughout the years, LRE Guides have accompanied many press trips and FAM trips, dedicated to travel trade stakeholders. The LRE Foundation creates contacts between tour operators and certified guides – this way, tour operators can hire trusted guides for their upcoming tours. LRE Guides benefit from the promotion on the website, media channels and network of the LREF. Moreover, the guides are in contact with each other via a digital network, where they can share knowledge and experiences. All guides receive a copy of the LRE Guide manual with information and tips to guide along the Liberation Route Europe Hiking Trails.


The LRE Foundation is very active in its outreach to the regional, national and international press, as well as to the dedicated travel and WWII history press. The ultimate aim of these efforts is the promotion and the visibility of the LRE Foundation’s activities, updates, events, members, and locations around the world.

The LRE Foundation regularly organises press trips to discover the Liberation Route Europe. Upon request, it is also possible to experience the Route on individual press trips.

Interested journalists can access the latest press releases and detailed information about the LRE Foundation and its initiatives in the press room.

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