Italy part of the Liberation Route Europe

A delegation of the Liberation Route Europe Foundation made an official visit to Italy last week to confirm a first partnership. This means that Italy will officially be part of the Liberation Route European network. For the moment an agreement in Luxemburg is also being prepared, which means that the number of LRE countries will go up to eight.

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Support the Polish WWII Museum!

As we previously mentioned in our foreword, the original realization of the Polish ‘Museum of World War II’ is now in jeopardy. The opening of the museum was planned for November this year, but the new government is considering now to assign it a different  theme and location.

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Brand manual & images

As the Liberation Route Europe and the amount of partners is continuously growing, we have been working hard on the development of a renewed brand manual.

In this ‘Corporate Brand Manual’ you will find instructions about the use of logos and colours, as well as design- and communication-related items. Also, the ‘LRE-image bank’ has been developed. Here you can download for free the images you wish to have by selecting them and downloading them directly. Miss Femke Kurstjens will provide you with more information upon request.