Press trip ‘Battle of the Bulge’

From the 19th until the 22nd of April, a group of at least six online influencers out of three countries will explore a part of Liberation Route Europe. As the theme of the trip is ‘Battle of the Bulge’, the particpants will be taken to both the Belgian and Luxembourg Ardennes. We will take them along several places of interest in those countries, like war cemeteries (on the picture that is attached to this post, you will see the American war cemetery at Hamm, Luxembourg), museums and points of interest that still refer to the Battle of the Bulge. As a side step, a visit to the American war cemetery at Margraten (Netherlands) is included in this trip.

In order to realise the trip, we work closely together with our partners in the areas mentioned, like Ortal (Luxembourg), the Bastogne War Museum (Belgium) and the Province of Limburg (Netherlands).