US students mark the Liberation Route Hiking Trail with the first “Vectors of Memory”

The Vectors of memory, designed by Daniel Libeskind, marking the Liberation Route Europe hiking trail have been presented in the Netherlands by US students (with National History Day) and the first ones installed along some Operation Market Garden sites.


Contact: Scott Durno
Liberation Route Europe Foundation
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Victoria van Krieken leaves the LRE foundation

Dear partners and members of the Liberation Route Europe Foundation,

I would like to inform you about upcoming changes within the management of the Liberation Route Europe organization. After seven years, Victoria van Krieken decided to leave the LRE foundation. As director of the foundation since January 2013, her work resulted in among others the development of the Liberation Route Europe from a national to an international organization. But also in the creation of a strong international network and high level historical content. Her efforts led to widespread acknowledgement of and recognition for the organization.

I am grateful to Victoria for bringing the LRE where it is today and I personally regret that she will leave the organization. At the same time I respect and understand her decision to enter a new phase after seven special but also intensive years. In the coming months, she will take the time to consider the next step in her career.

In December we will, in among others our online magazine LibRE reflect on Victoria’s seven years with the Liberation Route Europe.

Luckily, I have no concerns about her succession and the continuity of the LRE. Rémi Praud has been appointed statutory-director as per 1-1-2020 and we have full confidence in his ability to lead the foundation! We will inform you later this year about the management position of the LRE Netherlands.

Kind regards,

Jurriaan J. de Mol

Founder Liberation Route Europe

Board Member International Supervisory Board