Two new French members joined the LRE Foundation network 


french members

Our network is expanding once more with the addition of Caen la Mer and the Communauté de Communes Interrégionale Aumale-Blangy sur Bresle, joining the LRE Foundation and our French national Branch, LRE France. 

Caen la Mer 

Situated in the heart of Normandy, Caen la Mer was deeply marked by the Second World War. The Battle of Caen in June 1944 played a crucial role for the Allies in advancing towards the Seine and Paris. The aerial bombardments carried out in the aftermath of the D-Day landings had a long-term impact on the town, destroying more than 30% of it. 

Today, Caen la Mer stands as a testament to WWII history, with a number of sites, museums, and memorials dedicated to that period. Among these are the Caen Memorial, which provides a comprehensive account of the D-Day landings and the Battle of Normandy, as well as military cemeteries honouring the soldiers who gave their lives to liberate Caen. 

Because of the history that has played out on its territory, it makes sense for the urban community of Caen la Mer to join the LRE foundation network.”, says Romain Bail, mayor of Ouistreham and vice-president in charge of tourism in Caen la Mer. “We were delighted and honoured to host the LRE forum in Caen in 2022.” 

Communauté de Communes Interrégionale Aumale-Blangy sur Bresle 

The Communauté de Communes Interrégionale Aumale-Blangy sur Bresle is an assembly of communes situated in the Normandy and Hauts-de-France regions, spanning the Seine-Maritime and Somme departments. On June 13, 1944, a tragic event occurred in this area: a twin detonation from the V1, a new German weapon aimed at changing the course of the war. As a result, the Allies launched a rapid reprisal, resulting in thousands of bombs destroying the region, compounding the already substantial damage caused by the dropping V1s. 

Today, the region is home to nineteen V1 flying bomb launch sites, including those at Guerville-Poteau de Montauban and Campneuseville-Beaulieu, and offers insight into the lesser-known V1 offensive of 1943-1944, a poignant chapter of the Second World War that had a profound impact on civilian populations. 

It is with great pleasure and pride that the Communauté de Communes Interrégionale Aumale-Blangy sur Bresle joins the LRE Foundation and thus contributes further to the duty of remembrance“, states Christian Roussel, President of the Communauté de Communes. 

We are delighted to welcome Caen la Mer and Communauté de Communes Interrégionale Aumale – Blangy-sur-Bresle as new members of the LRE France and LRE Foundation networks.“, says Isabelle Lebreton, Director of LRE France. “The effects of the Second World War are still clearly visible in both of those territories, and we will continue to spread awareness of it and its history together. We are looking forward to developing Liberation Route Europe trails there.”