December 9 marked the conclusion of the first circle of the Liberations Route Europe Trails in Italy outreach events


Event in Italy

From October to December, three outreach events in three different Italian regions were organised by LRE Italy to raise awareness about the Liberations Route Europe Trails.

The first took place on October 27 in Florence, Tuscany, in collaboration with the Tuscany Region, the Assessor’s Office of Memory Culture and International Relations, and the Assessor’s Office of Economy, Productive Activities, Credit Policies and Tourism. On November 15, the Shoa Museum Foundation in Rome, Lazio, hosted the second event, while the third and final one was held on December 9 in Bologna under the patronage of the Emilia-Romagna Region. 

All three initiatives were devoted to introducing LRE Italy and its work in the country. The meetings’ main focus was Liberation Route Europe Trails in Italy, a project funded by the Federal Republic of Germany’s Italian – German Fund for the Future and inspired by Liberation Route Europe that aims to create a network of thematic routes related to WWII throughout Italy.

The locations of the events in three different Italian regions were a significant added value to the project. Indeed, the events provide an opportunity to initiate a dialogue or, in some cases, strengthen an existing relationship with the various organizations that share an interest in the field, with the aim of expanding the Liberation Route Europe Trails in Italy to different parts of the peninsula.