LRE Italy receives funding from the Federal Republic of Germany for the development of the Liberation Route trails in Italy


Picture of a courtyard from above. On the background a blue sky

The LRE Foundation is happy to announce that its national branch, LRE Italy, has recently received funding from the Federal Republic of Germany to develop the Liberation Route Europe trails in Italy. A remarkable success that consolidates the already positive collaboration between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Foundation started in 2020.

The financed project, entitled “Liberation Route Europe’s trails in Italy”, will be focused on building a network of ten thematic itineraries and related historical content related to the Second World War in Italy to be added to the already existing Liberation Route Europe trail system connecting London to Berlin on the footsteps of the Allies in 1943-1945.

Thanks to the funding obtained, it will be possible to carry out a series of activities on the Italian territory. Besides the new themed routes that will be developed in collaboration with some of the leading national hiking associations, three awareness-raising events will be organised in Tuscany, Lazio, and Emilia-Romagna to present Liberation Route Italy and the project activities. Moreover, more “Vectors of Memory”, trail markers designed by the architect Daniel Libeskind, will be installed in significant places of the Italian peninsula. Finally, three new promotional videos will be shot in Milan, Cassino and along the Gothic line in Emilia-Romagna. They will be presented as part of a comprehensive online marketing campaign to launch the project upon completion.

LRE Italy’s President Raffaella Mariani said: “We would like to thank the German federal government for its support. This funding means a lot to a small association, as LRE Italy is, and allows us to start working on this ambitious project of creating thematic hiking routes to tell World War II’s history.”