LRE Conference

Caen, France
3 February 2022

The LRE Conference is the key learning event focused on current topics and challenges in the remembrance sector.

In 2022, the LRE Conference will consider the role of the remembrance sector within modern society and its potential as a tool for citizenship and shaping today’s world. A range of engaging panellists and speakers will reflect on the great potential the remembrance sector has in working with both international visitors and local communities to tackle the problems we face today, applying lessons from the past.

Normandy provides the perfect setting for this discussion, as remembrance plays a central societal and civic role in the region.

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February 3


3 February 2022

Doors will open at 13:30, allowing time to grab a cup of coffee and a treat before taking a seat

Welcome words by the LRE Foundation, Region of Normandy and Normandy Tourism


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