LRE Conference

Alain Lamassoure

Former Minister and Member of the European Parliament, Chairman of the Observatory on History Teaching in Europe of the Council of Europe

Alain Lamassoure is a French politician and a former Minister for European Affairs and Budget of France, as well a former Member of the European Parliament. After having served for several terms, he became the Chairman of the Council of Europe’s Observatory on History Teaching, whose mission is to promote quality education and enhance the understanding of democratic culture.

Prof. Denis Peschanski

Historian and director of research at the CNRS - Paris

Prof. Denis Peschanski is a CNRS research director and historian specialising in the Second World War, and in memory studies. He has also led the “13 November” programme, a research project focusing on individual and collective memories, created in the aftermath of the Paris terrorist attacks of 2015. Since 2016, he has been a member of the European Centre for Sociology and Political Science.

Prof. Antoon de Baets

Professor of History, Ethics and Human Rights, University of Groningen

Prof. Antoon de Baets is a professor of History, Ethics and Human Rights by Special Appointment of the Foundation EuroClio, as well as associate professor of contemporary history at the University of Groningen (the Netherlands). In addition to this, he founded the Network of Concerned Historians in 1995, which he has coordinated since. In 2019, his last book, Crimes against History, was published by Routledge.

Prof. Katja Makhotina

Professor of History, Department of the Eastern European History, University of Bonn

Prof. Katja Makhotina’s main research areas are remembrance culture on WWII and Stalinism in Russia, Central and Eastern Europe and Lithuania, and she headed several projects on the local memories on the Nazi-Violence in Munich and Bonn. She is a member of several advisory boards of memorials in Germany and a founding member of a working group focusing on the establishment of a new documentation centre about the German occupation in Europe (to be located in Berlin by the German Historical Museum).

Nicolas Kurevic

Education Coordinator, The Territories of Memory (Les Territoires de la Mémoire), Liège

Nicolas Kurevic is an educational coordinator at Territoires de la Mémoire (Territories of memory), an educational centre for the Resistance and citizenship, at the Cité Miroir in Liège (Belgium). Their aim is to work on memory and to make it understandable before sharing this legacy with children, teenagers, and adults. It also aims at creating a network of engaged and committed local authorities.

Dr. Patrice Gourbin

Senior Lecturer, National Superior School of Architecture of Normandy, Rouen

Patrice Gourbin is a historian and lecturer at the École nationale supérieure d’architecture de Normandie. His main research areas cover the reconstruction after the Second World War, history and heritage policies, and architecture and identities. Currently, he also works on the question of the heritage of the Reconstruction in Normandy and its adaptation to the needs of the contemporary city.

Paula O’Donohoe

PhD candidate, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Research Trainee and Project Advisor, Euroclio

Paula O’Donohoe is a PhD student in Sociology and Anthropology at Universidad Complutense de Madrid and a researcher at EuroClio, the European Association of History Educators. She is involved in the “Contested Histories” initiative, which focuses on historical legacies in public spaces, as well as being a project advisor for the latest EuroClio project titled “Who were the victims of the National Socialists?”.

Marie-Agnès Poussier-Winsack

Vice-President in charge of Tourism, Regional Council of Normandy

Marie-Agnès Poussier-Winsback is Vice-President in charge of Tourism at the Regional Council of Normandy, as well as Mayor of Fécamp.


Institutional partners

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The LRE Foundation has been supported by the German Federal Foreign Office and its Embassy in the Hague (The Netherlands) since 2020, with a focus on the Liberation Route Europe Trails project.

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