Active Remembrance Youth Programme

The Active Remembrance Youth Programme (ARYP) is funded by the European Commission and contains nine different youth exchange events across Europe. The project runs from 2024 till 2026 and involves partners from the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Poland, France, Italy and Czechia.

The project

The Active Remembrance Youth Programme is an EU-funded project that aims to actively involve and inspire young Europeans from diverse backgrounds to explore and commemorate World War II from multiple perspectives. Through a series of youth exchanges, participants will visit significant WWII sites across Europe, engaging with history firsthand. This immersive experience encourages active learning, including conducting interviews, curating historical content, and creating podcasts and videos, all contributing to an online exhibition. 

Participants in the LRE Foundation Active remembrance youth progral
Participants in the LRE Foundation active remembrance youth program

Take part !

Are you interested to take part in one of the exchanges and between 18-25 years of age? 

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The exchanges

Netherlands and Belgium

October 2024 - The Battle of the Scheldt

Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands

February 2025 – The Battle of the Bulge and the Battle of the Hurtgen Forest

Italy and France

March 2025 – Resistance


June 2025 – D-Day and the liberation of Paris

Belgium and France

September 2025 – September 1944 / V1 and V2’s / Dunkirk

Belgium and The Netherlands

September 2025 - Operation Market Garden


October 2025 – Italian diverse war experience and the resistance

Poland and Czechia

January 2026 – Ambiguous liberation and further occupation

Poland and Germany

March 2026 – East/West perspectives and the end of WWII

News about the project

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