The LRE Active Remembrance Youth Programme kick-off seminar in Brussels


AYRP kick-off

The Liberation Route Europe Active Remembrance Youth Programme (ARYP) kicked off last week at the House of European History in Brussels. Professionals from the history, remembrance, audiovisual, and podcast production fields gathered alongside the LRE Foundation Team for a two-day kick-off event filled with presentations, workshops, and knowledge-sharing. 

The Active Remembrance Youth Programme is an EU-funded project that aims to actively involve and inspire young Europeans from diverse backgrounds to explore and commemorate World War II from multiple perspectives. Through a series of youth exchanges, participants will visit significant WWII sites across Europe, engaging with history firsthand. This immersive experience encourages active learning, including conducting interviews, curating historical content, and creating podcasts and videos, all contributing to an online exhibition

The kick-off meeting’s first day featured insightful discussions with professionals like Annelies van Rijen from the House of European History Museum, Paula O’Donohoe from Euroclio, Jordi Guixé and Oriol Lopez Badell from EUROM, Anne-Catherine Michel from the Bastogne War Museum, and Roel Timperman from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. They shared valuable best practices on engaging young adults in remembrance projects. Highlight presentations by Prof. Dr. Joanna Wojdon and Prof. Dr. Katja Makhotina underscored the importance of embracing multiple perspectives in historical narratives. 

The second day of the kick-off seminar delved into practical training sessions on podcast creation and guiding young individuals in video editing. Supported by Natif and MediaRaven, participants gained valuable skills essential for executing the project’s objectives. 

The two-day seminar marked an auspicious beginning for the Active Youth Remembrance Programme, setting the stage for a collaborative and impactful journey ahead.

Being able to learn from experienced organisations and sharing best practices, provided us with the perfect opportunity to prepare ourselves in the best way possible.” said Wout van Aalst, Project Officer at the LRE Foundation.

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