“When Memory Meets Dialogue”: The LRE Foundation’s memory project conference at the EDJC 2023 


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On December 11-12, the LRE Foundation is organizing a memory project conference titled “When Memory Meets Dialogue – Role of Remembrance Sites and Contemporary Challenges” in Krakow, Poland. This event, in partnership with Oscar Schindler’s Enamel Factory, a branch of the Museum of Krakow, is part of the EU-funded European Days of Jewish Culture (EDJC) 2023. 

 Originating over two decades ago in the Alsace-Lorraine region, the European Days of Jewish Culture began as a small transnational initiative. Its purpose was to shed light on European Jewish heritage, fostering awareness among local audiences. Today, the event has evolved into a continent-wide celebration showcasing the diversity and richness of Judaism. Through conferences, concerts, performances, guided tours, and various activities, the EDJC promotes dialogue, recognition, and exchange on a European scale.  

Embedded within the EDJC 2023, the LRE Foundation proudly presents the two-day project conference “When Memory meets Dialogue.” The conference agenda encompasses diverse sessions focusing on Jewish and WWII heritage. Discussions will revolve around memory transmission and the contemporary significance of remembrance sites. The primary goal is to offer a meaningful platform for idea exchange, nurture cross-cultural understanding, and stimulate international discourse on historical memory and contemporary challenges. As part of the programme, participants can also explore guided tours and historical city walks in Krakow. 

This event will bring together significant experts and representatives from cultural institutions across Europe to ensure various perspectives and a comprehensive and enriching exploration of the conference themes. The conference has free entrance upon registration. Only after completing the registration process will attendees be able to attend the conference. Registration and more information about the program are available here.

The LRE Foundation’s contribution to the EDJC 2023 extends beyond the memory project conference in Krakow. In January 2024, we will launch the virtual exhibition “We Remember: A Virtual Exhibition on the Liberation of the Concentration Camps.” Stay tuned for more information.