The second Resistance Through Their Eyes youth event took place at Casa della Memoria in Milan 


Resistance Through Their Eyes in Milan

 The city of Milan and the Ferruccio Parri National Institute co-organized the second Resistance Through Their Eyes youth event on April 9-10, 2024, at Casa della Memoria in Milan. Aimed at educating and engaging young people about the history of resistance during World War II, the event offered a unique blend of educational activities and interactive experiences. 

The highlight of the event was the urban game titled “The Secret Rebels of Milan”, based on the stories included in the project exhibition. Over 100 young participants, divided into teams, embarked on an exciting journey through the Library of Trees park, where they encountered ten stages, each representing a significant location linked to Milan’s resistance history. Equipped with smartphones or tablets, teams solved puzzles at each stage, earning clues that would ultimately lead them to uncover the final answer. 

The game also emphasized teamwork, strategy, and quick thinking. As teams raced against the clock, they could track their progress on a leaderboard, comparing their points with those of other teams. Additionally, teams could access help and hints whenever they faced challenges, ensuring that everyone had a fair chance to succeed. 

Beyond the urban game, the event offered participants the opportunity to explore the most important places of remembrance dedicated to World War II. Project partners gained firsthand insights into the stories of those who resisted Nazi-fascist oppression. 

Visitors were able to immerse themselves in the history of the Resistance, learn about the various viewpoints of its characters, and participate in special activities thanks to the collaboration with the Enigmap association.”, says a Milan Municipality representative. “Furthermore, secondary schools were invited to participate in an interactive treasure hunt at the BAM Tree Library park, which was organized by the Enigmap association. A one-of-a-kind opportunity for kids and boys to learn about the Milanese Resistance firsthand by solving puzzles and logic games based on Italian partisan biographies.

The event served as a reminder of the importance of commemorating and learning from the past, especially in today’s world. By engaging young people in meaningful ways, the Resistance Through Their Eyes project aims to ensure that the legacy of resistance lives on, inspiring future generations to stand up against injustice and oppression.