The LRE Foundation welcomes a new prominent member: the Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge



The LRE is delighted to announce the recent addition of the Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge to its network.  

The Volksbund (German War Graves Commission) is dedicated to the task of locating and recovering war dead abroad, providing a dignified burial for them, and maintaining their gravesites, in more than 46 countries. Moreover, it is committed to the culture of commemoration and remembrance and offers international youth initiatives such as the ‘Peace Line’ project, which promotes the education of young people at the final resting sites of those lost to war.  

The LRE Foundation and the Volksbund will work together on developing and expanding existing projects in Germany, such as the Liberation Route Europe, its network, and the Europe Remembers platform, as well as new programmes and projects based on shared ideas. In particular, the two organisations will cooperate on youth engagement through a combined effort, with the aim of reinforcing each other’s initiatives. 

Rémi Praud, Managing Director of LRE Foundation, said of the new membership: “We are very happy to welcome the Volksbund into our foundation, and look forward to working with such a committed and impactful organisation. We desire to expand our partnerships in Germany, and with Volksbund as a member, a cooperation is established, which will enrich the LRE network and pave the way for valuable exchanges on memory transmission and the future of commemoration, as well as more awareness of the many war graves across Europe”. 

“The cooperation with the LRE offers the Volksbund the opportunity to draw attention to the war graves abroad. Here, visitors get to feel and experience the changing history of the historical sites, and learn about the value of peace in Europe”, Dirk Backen, Secretary General of the Volksbund, added.