The first Resistance Through Their Eyes youth event took place at the Resistance Museum Amsterdam on February 12-13  


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The first event of the Resistance Through Their Eyes project kicked off with success at the Resistance Museum of Amsterdam in the Netherlands on February 13-14. This event marks the beginning of a series of four youth gatherings that will be hosted by each project partner.  

Coordinated by the LRE Foundation and funded by the European Union, Resistance Through Their Eyes  is a collaborative project that aims to broaden a multi-perspective, transnational understanding of the theme of resistance during the Second World War. Alongside the LRE Foundation, key partners including the Milan Municipality (Italy), the Institute Ferruccio Parri (Italy), the Resistance Museum Amsterdam (The Netherlands), The White Rose Foundation (Germany) and the Home Army Museum Krakow (Poland), have come together to bring this initiative to life. 

The first youth event provided over 120 Dutch students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the permanent exhibition at the Resistance Museum of Amsterdam. They also explored significant historical sites associated with resistance during WWII in the neighbourhood. A highlight of the event was the “Resistance Through Their Eyes” exhibition, with personal stories of people who experienced and participated in the resistance in different countries and ways. The exhibition is on display at the Resistance Museum Amsterdam and is accessible online for wider reach. 

To explore the exhibition, the youth event featured interactive workshops designed to engage students actively. Eyewitness testimonies and personal stories further enriched the educational experience by providing insight into the human dimension of resistance during wartime. 

Looking ahead, the Resistance Through Their Eyes project will continue to empower and inspire young people with upcoming youth events organised by the other project partners in Italy, Germany and Poland.