The city of Saint-Raphaël joins the LRE Foundation Network


The LRE Foundation is glad to announce that the city of Saint-Raphaël, France, has joined its network of members. The signature of the membership agreement in Summer 2021 allows for the development of new projects in Saint-Raphaël and Provence, known for the Allied landings on 15 August 1944.

The membership agreement with Saint-Raphaël stems from the city’s desire to value the local heritage related to the Provence landings by highlighting local commemoration sites and events such as the Nécropole Nationale de Boulouris, where the remains of 464 French 1st army soldiers of all origins and confessions lie. The LRE Foundation and the city of Saint-Raphaël share the same ambition to keep making the history of the Second World War relevant and accessible, especially to the younger generations.  

“Liberation Route Europe is a great project that matches with our ‘Saint-Raphaël City of Memory’ ambition. It is important to identify sites that account for the crossing of French and Allied troops during the Provence landings. The Foundation wishes to work with cities serving as contacts and referents to carry out the projects of valorisation and the duty of remembrance and remembrance tourism, and this is what Saint-Raphaël will do.” says Frédéric Masquelier, Mayor of Saint-Raphaël.

The LRE Foundation collaborates with actors in Saint-Raphaël to highlight the local heritage, identify relevant sites and stories, connect them and create information panels for locals and tourists. This collaboration will result in the creation of new thematic trails to discover the city and its history in an authentic and sustainable way. These routes will be integrated into the international network of existing itineraries of the Liberation Route Europe. 

“This new partnership offers us the possibility to further explore the heritage of the Provence landings and the Operation Dragoon of August 1944 and to include the related remembrance sites and stories into the Liberation Route Europe and Europe Remembers initiatives.” says Rémi Praud, LRE Foundation Managing Director, “We are more than happy to welcome Saint-Raphaël into our international network of those engaged into the valorisation of their WWII-related heritage, and we hope that their leadership in the region will inspire others to join us”.