The City of Dunkerque joins the LRE Foundation as new member


Entrance of the Dunkirk War Museum. A square with an historical cannon in the middle

The LRE Foundation is glad to announce a new addition to its network: the Urban Community of Dunkerque. As part of this new membership agreement, other institutions gravitating around Dunkerque will join the LRE Foundation’s mission: The Association Mémorial du Souvenir, manager of the “Musée Dunkerque 1940”, the City of Leffrinckoucke, owner and manager of the “Musérial du Fort des Dunes”, and the Dunkerque District Tourist Office.  

This city needs no presentation for those interested in Second World War history. Located on the Northern coast of France, Dunkerque was the scene of one of the most critical and famous battles during World War II. As the Allied forces were losing the Battle of France, the Battle of Dunkerque (26 May – 4 June 1940) turned into a prominent defense and evacuation operation. Around 338.000 men belonging to the British and other Allied forces evacuated to Britain thanks to the aid of hundreds of naval and civilian vessels.  

The signature of the membership agreement opens the doors to future collaboration with the city of Dunkerque and its surroundings. “This partnership is a consequence of an obvious common interest and mission.”, says Rémi Praud, Managing Director of the LRE Foundation, “The city of Dunkerque and the LRE Foundation share the same ambition to keep making WWII history relevant and accessible. I am confident that the city will benefit from being part of this international dynamic network. We are proud to be able to work together on projects that will add visibility to such an incredible piece of our common history.” 

“We are very pleased to have joined the LRE Foundation. The Second World War had a huge impact on the Dunkerque area, not just during the Battle of Dunkerque and Operation Dynamo, but also because the town was among the last to be liberated in France, on 9th May 1945.
We are convinced that working together with other partners in the framework of the LRE network will help to raise awareness and to keep the memory alive.”, Patrice Vergriete, President of the Dunkerque District Authority, added.