The board
& governance

The International Supervisory Board is in charge of controlling the management of the LRE Foundation, its activities and finances.
The Historical Advisory Board advises on the definition of the historical scope of the projects and supervises the content and research development.
The Members’ Council advises the management and board regarding strategies, projects and activities.

Supervisory Board

Ed Kronenburg

Chairman of the Board, former diplomat

Herre Dijkema

Board member, Chair of the Audit Committee, Managing Director Tourism Veluwe Arnhem Nijmegen

Heleen Huisjes

Board member, Director of Visit Brabant

Marc Kocken

Board member, Member of the Audit Committee, Head of Sector Heritage and Public Engagement at Zeeland Heritage

Dietmar Nietan

Board member, Member of the German Bundestag

Taja Vovk van Gaal

Board member, founding Director of the House of European History

Historical Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Katja Makhotina

University of Bonn

Prof. dr. Kees Ribbens

National Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies (NIOD)

Dr. Benoît Niederkorn

National Museum of Military History of Diekirch

Prof. Joanna Wojdon

Institute of Political Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Dr. Claire Miot

University of Potsdam

Keith Lowe

Dr. Mirco Carrattieri

Milan Catholic University of the Sacred Heart

Members' Council

Jan Engler

City of Pilsen

Jan Szkudliński

Museum of Gdansk

Sofia Bournatzi

PassPartout – Thessaloniki

Marieke van Kessel

Bridge to Liberation Arnhem

Marit Maas

Brabant Remembers

Sandrine Fanget

Normandy Region

Alain Dubreuil

City of Saint-Raphaël

Ross Fairbrother

D-Day Story Portsmouth

Mathieu Billa

Bastogne War Museum

Peter Schrijvers

Leopoldsburg Liberation Garden

Chris Addy

Jersey Heritage

Gotthard Kirch


Jörg Morré

Museum Berlin-Karlhorst

Daniela Volpi

Tuscany Region

Sofia Bournatzi

PassPartout – Thessaloniki

Patron & Ambassadors

Martin Schulz

Member of the German Bundestag & Former President of the European Parliament, Patron of the LRE Foundation and the Liberation Route Europe

Daniel Libeskind

Architect at Studio Libeskind, creator of the Vectors of memory marking the Liberation Route Europe trails.