Press Conference ‘Routes of Liberation’ – 24th of May


Opening of the Routes of Liberation Exhibition at the EP in Brussels


Wednesday 24 May – 10:30h – City Hall (Room of the City Council) Ouistreham

The exhibition ‘Routes of Liberation’ is the event of the month of June in Ouistreham Riva-Bella (France). It will be accessible from June 1st to 30th at the Esplanade Lofi at Ouistreham, from 10:00 to 18:00.

For the first time presented in France, this exhibition makes the visitor discover, via an innovative way, the history of the Liberation Route Europe and of those soldiers who fought during the Second World War. Unique personal stories, videos, calendars and photographs, made available by many famous European war and liberation museums, tell the story of this crucial period.

Born in the Netherlands, this multimedia exhibition highlights a dramatic period of European history: the Second World War. Built as a travelling and European exhibition, it was inaugurated in 2014 with the presence of the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Martin Schulz, former President of the European Parliament. It has been presented in four countries: Germany, Poland, the Netherlands and Belgium, and arrives today in France in Ouistreham Riva-Bella.

Supported by the Normandy Region and the Mémorial de Caen, this exhibition is one of the key event of the 73d anniversary of D-Day.
In order to discuss the presentation of this unique exhibition and its content, the press is welcome to join a press conference:

Wednesday 24 May, 10:30h
at the City Hall of Ouistreham Riva-Bella,
Place Albert-Lemarignier,
Room of the City Council

In the presence of :

Romain Bail, Mayor of Ouistreham Riva-Bella,
Sabine Miralles, Deputy Mayor in charge of Culture and Heritage
And the City Council

The inauguration of the exhibition will take place on Friday 2 June at 11:30h, esplanade Lofi.

Contacts for the press :
Olivier Lechevalier Boissel, Head of cabinet: +33 6 01 91 04 41
Leticia Rodriguez, Communication officer: +33 2 31 97 73 19
Céline Lesage, Ccommunication officer: +33 2 31 97 73 12