LRE Foundation becomes a partner for “Belgium, Battlefield of Europe”


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Audience listening to the speakers on the stage. Shot from behind.

On 8 November, representatives of the LRE Foundation attended the opening event of “Belgium, Battlefield of Europe” in Brussels, a new project organised by the War Heritage Institute (WHI), the Belgian federal institution responsible for military heritage and remembrance.

Over the centuries, hundreds of conflicts, from small struggles to large battles, have taken place in the territory of present-day Belgium, all the way through from the Roman conquests to World War One and Two. “Belgium, Battlefield of Europe” aims to uncover these 2000 years of war history in the country.

The project is based on three axes. Firstly, this initiative brings together a wide range of partner museums, sites and organisations working on the history of conflict and memory, publishing their information, temporary exhibitions, and activities on its website. Secondly, historical research of this period provides information about the countless battles in Belgium, including those largely forgotten today, whilst the website highlights where it is possible to find traces of these confrontations. Finally, “Belgium, Battlefield of Europe” contributes to preserving and transmitting the memory of events and their consequences with the WHI’s War Dead Register, which lists Belgian military victims, helping to keep them in our memories.

The LRE Foundation is excited to be part of “Belgium, Battlefield of Europe” as one of the many partner organisations working to keep WWII’s memory relevant and accessible and we look forward to seeing the project progress. For further information, visit their website and our partner’s page.