Liberation Route Europe presents its brand-new mobile app!


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The LRE Foundation is excited to introduce the new Liberation Route Europe mobile app, an additional milestone for the route’s digital offer. The new app joins the Liberation Route Europe website offering a rich digital experience now both on mobile and desktop.

The new travel planner is the optimum hiking companion to explore the Liberation Route Europe, a certified Cultural Route of the Council of Europe since 2019. Available in six languages, the app presents over one thousand sites and stories linked to the end of World War II in Europe. Thanks to the easy-to-use map interface and search engine, the app makes it simple to explore the European-wide Liberation Route hiking trails designed in collaboration with international hiking associations to follow in the footsteps of the Allied forces. Hikers can experience the trails in two ways: following one of the several suggested themed routes developed with local partners or creating their own trip along selected sites and stories of their interest. The app not only functions as a travel planner but also as a digital archive rich in (audio) stories, memorials, and museums that can be conveniently consulted from home.

Loïc Francois, Digital Manager at the LRE Foundation: “When developing the Liberation Route digital offer, we focused on our audience’s needs and expectations. By creating the app, we wanted to offer a simple and flexible tool to make the route and a part of WWII history even more accessible and appealing to a larger public, especially to the younger generations”.

Now available for Android and iOS devices.

Download it here!