Liberation Route Europe
Hiking Trails
Official Launch Event

July 2021

In the footsteps of History

Under the watchful eye of six American veterans visiting Berlin after serving there in 1945, the LRE Foundation launched the international network of hiking trails along the Liberation Route Europe on 22 July at the Allied Museum. “We are taking a pledge with you”, said managing director Rémi Praud, in the reassurance that the Liberation Route Europe’s mission and purpose will be fulfilled. “We will continue to grow with our partners across Europe to keep your stories alive as Liberation Route is creating the largest WWII memorial in Europe.” 

The day started in the German-Russian Museum in Berlin-Karlshorst, where Rémi Praud, together with deputy director Jurriaan de Mol, and Margot Blank, curator of the museum, welcomed the special guests and a handful of international journalists in the Kapitulationssaal. After a visit to the permanent exhibition, it was time to move to the Allied Museum, the other partner and member of the Liberation Route Europe hosting the launch event. From the original ‘Outpost Theatre’ of the US troops, hosts Praud and de Mol opened the launch event at 15:00, live-streamed on Youtube and Facebook.

Read the full report of the event here.


The launch event was organised in collaboration with: 

Deutsch-Russisches Museum Berlin-Karlshorst


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