History Treks

History Treks is a project supported by the Erasmus + program, and designed as an active remembrance programme along the Liberation Route Europe Trails.

The project

These Erasmus+-supported projects bring international students together from different regions in order to educate them about the history and the impact of World War II along the Liberation Route Europe, visiting historical sites, and exchanging different national and international perspectives. These activities will use the lense of World War II and its aftermath as a means to foster European citizenship and mutual understanding between different nationalities by connecting students in different countries. During the Youth Programmes, a variety of different informal and non-formal learning methods are used (e.g. visits to museums, hiking and visiting historical sites, participation in commemorative ceremonies, discussions and games) combined with more formal learning methods (e.g. presentation of research, discussions with historical eyewitnesses or experts).


By organizing these student exchanges, we aim to address these issues and needs with the following objectives: 

To promote intercultural dialogue on the different national perspectives of WWII to increase mutual understanding. 

To create life-long bonds and connections between students from different countries and to reduce stereotypes.

To foster student research that provides an interpretation of local history and preserves personal memories of the remaining living historical eyewitnesses

To develop new ways to remember the past and memory in a socially inclusive way with fewer living historical eyewitnesses

To experience historical remembrance sites in an environmentally sustainable way.

To develop new education and student engagement policies and programmes that promote innovation, sustainability, and cooperation in the World War II remembrance sector.

News about the project

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Cooperation &

The LRE Foundation works closely with local partners which play a major role in coordinating and carrying out the History Treks projects. These institutions share their national, institutional and personal perspectives and help to educate the youth groups in multiple ways.

Interested in learning more about possible ways of cooperation? Please contact us