This year’s edition of the LREXPO was held entirely online for the first time. The annual tourism trade expo allowed professionals from the international travel trade industry to network with members and partners of the LRE Foundation.

The LREXPO 2021 started with a workshop on the future of remembrance tourism and continued with twelve one-on-one networking meetings, where our members and partners had the chance to network and discuss potential collaborations with more than 30 tour operators. You can have a look at the programme and list of attendees here.

The 2021 edition of the LREXPO aimed to reflect on the foreseeable future of remembrance travel.

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February 10


4 February 2021

Anouk Susan (Former Director Germany NBTC, Speaker), Jurriaan de Mol (Deputy Director LRE Foundation), Peter Drenth (Deputy of Province of Gelderland)

Panel Discussion: “The Future of Remembrance Travel”
  • – Jurriaan de Mol, deputy director LRE Foundation
  • – Paul Reed, Head Battlefield Guide Leger Holidays, UK
  • – Ronnie Weijers, managing director Airborne Museum, NL
  • – Joost Rosendaal, historian, Radboud University NL
  • – Miguel Gallego, Head of Marketing and Communication at the European Travel Commission, BE

Pre-booked meetings

Introducing the LRE Guide Network
Joël Stoppels, coordinator LRE Guide Network, LRE Foundation

Closing Remarks Anouk Susan & Jurriaan de Mol, deputy director LRE Foundation

For more information download our full program