Europe Remembers

An international initiative to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the end of the Second World War.

The project

Europe Remembers is an awareness campaign launched by the LRE Foundation in collaboration with various organizations across Europe to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the end of World War II.

Following the success of the previous edition, which commemorated the 75th anniversary, Europe Remembers returns with a renewed website and new communication and activation campaigns to promote and raise awareness around WWII history and heritage, as well as the upcoming commemorative events and exhibitions throughout Europe. The campaign will last from July 2023, the anniversary of the landings in Sicily, through May 2025.

Scope & aims

Commemorate & Honor

all who lost their lives, pay tribute to the veterans, and bring attention to the stories of eyewitnesses and survivors.

Inspire the

especially the younger generations, to discover with the events, exhibitions and commemorations related to the 80th anniversary of the end of the war. By doing so, we aim to increase awareness of the final phase of WWII and the remembrance sites where we can all learn about our collective and individual history.

Reflect on the lessons of the past

the legacies of the war, the values of peace, reconciliation and freedom, and broaden our understanding of history by exploring it from different perspectives.

The campaign

The brand

The Europe Remembers campaign logo is designed to be adaptable to suit the needs of project partners who wish to organise their own commemorative campaign under the Europe Remembers umbrella. Various elements of the logo, such as dates, geographical names, and subtitles, can be modified or translated to fit any historical or geographical campaign. This means that it can be adjusted for example for campaigns like (39-35) France Remembers, (40-45) Zeeland Herdenkt, and more. 

To facilitate this customization, a brand book and communication kit will be provided to campaign partners as a ready-to-use toolkit. 

Interested in creating your own Europe Remembers campaign?

An online

The Europe Remembers collaborative website, soon to be launched, is one of the pillars of the initiative and aims to become a one-stop destination for the public to find information about the events that will take place across Europe, which might be hard to find juggling between various websites and different languages.

The Europe Remembers project team will maintain a frequent inventory of events, but the most important aspect of this work is to be collaborative. Therefore, event organisers are encouraged to contribute to the database by registering on the platform below and adding their own event details.

The website also includes a wealth of information about the destinations and memorial sites that can be visited, as well as historical content like stories and biographies.

Promotion & communication

A comprehensive international marketing campaign is in the works to disseminate the message of Europe Remembers to a broad audience. The campaign will be anchored on the theme “History is Everywhere,” emphasizing that history can be found in most aspects of our lives, including family, identity, neighbourhoods, culture, museums, and more.

In addition to raising awareness about the significance of history, the campaign will also promote the numerous commemorations planned to mark the end of the war.

The campaign will be launched through a cross-platform, cross-format ecosystem in order to achieve our objectives of awareness, consideration, trust, and engagement. The marketing strategy will be based on the pillar below.

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Social Media Campaigns

which will use a then/now content approach, with a focus on younger generations’ channels.


which will be used to give visibility to events, stories and destinations and increase the website’s reach.


around the “History is everywhere” concept will be used to raise awareness and foster an emotional connection towards the campaign’s goals. In addition a diverse array of formats will be created to promote events and destinations.


which involves distributing press releases to share campaign news and updates, as well as cultivating relationships with journalists and media outlets. These endeavours are aimed at creating public interest an awareness for the campaign.


Although our main focus is on the activities mentioned earlier, project partners may have alternative communication strategies in mind. These may include out-of-home campaigns, influencer marketing, press trips, and travel trade efforts. We are prepared to provide support to partners interested in implementing these approaches.

The activation campaign

To foster a sense of community around the commemorations, the Europe Remembers campaign will incorporate various levels of activation. The audience, with a particular focus on youth and students, will be encouraged to explore their indirect recollections of WWII and participate in a contest by submitting their memories in the form of essays, illustrations, or photographic projects.

Join the

Is your organization planning events or initiatives to commemorate Europe’s liberation from Nazi occupation on its 80th anniversary? Join the Europe Remembers campaign to bring your event to a wider audience and get marketing support and visibility!

Strategic partner

Strategic partners will be the main financial
supporters with a prominent position in the campaign’s visibility.


Co-initiators have the opportunity to create their own brand and campaign using the Europe Remembers concept, and will receive extra marketing support and visibility.

Basic partner

Partners at the basic level can co-brand their events and initiatives with the Europe Remembers logo, advertise their events on the online platform, and take advantage of the campaign’s visibility.

News about the project

For more news about the LRE Foundation you can access the archives.

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