EASTory Through
Their Eyes

EASTory Through Their Eyes is the second part of the EU-funded LRE Youth Programme “Through their Eyes” which started in 2018 and included partners from France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy.

The project

The aim of the project is to foster a deeper understanding of Eastern and Western European experiences of WWII and its consequences. A travelling and digital exhibition focused on stories of young people who experienced WWII and its consequences will allow students to identify in the WWII witnesses, while a series of youth events will promote reflection on the Eastern and Western war experiences, also thanks to eyewitnesses and special guests. 

EASTory through their Eyes has the LRE Foundation as coordinator and the Museum Berlin-Karlshorst (Germany), the City of Pilsen (Czechia), the Bastogne War Museum (Belgium) and the Home Army Museum in Krakow (Poland) as project partners. 

The virtual

The virtual exhibition consists of twenty-five personal stories of young people who experienced – in different countries and ways – WWII and its consequences.

It gathers all the personal stories displayed in the travelling exhibition, and it is available in English, German, French, Dutch, Polish and Czech.

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The youth events

Krakow - Poland

13 April 2022 - Home Army Museum

Krakow became known for its ghetto and persecution during World War II, but also for the resistance. The Home Army Museum tells the story of the Polish resistance movement during World War II and its aftermath. The Polish call for freedom and democracy in the 1980s was a push for deep changes in Europe and for the EU enlargement process.

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Pilsen - Czechia

2-4 May 2022 - Moving Station

The City of Pilsen experienced the liberation by US troops in 1945, the communist takeover, the democratic transition and the EU accession in 60 years. The event in Pilsen will focus on the meaning of freedom in the framework of the Pilsen Liberation Festival and the anniversary of the city’s liberation.

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Bastogne - Belgium

17 May 2022 - Bastogne War Museum

Bastogne is a crucial location for World War II, and Belgium hosts several European Union institutions. The EASTory through their Eyes event in Bastogne will help students reflect on the Eastern and Western differences in identity and history, but also on the common European identity as a result of the European Union creation and expansion.

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Berlin - Germany

Date tbc - Museum Berlin-Karlshorst

At the Museum Berlin-Karlshorst, Germany and the former Soviet Union (Russia, Belarus and Ukraine) meet to tell WWII history from a shared perspective, in the location of the signature of the unconditional surrender by the Wehrmacht. But Berlin is also the symbol city of the Cold War and the unification of Germany. 

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News about the project

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