EASTory Through
Their Eyes

EASTory Through Their Eyes is the second edition of the EU-funded LRE Youth Programme “Through their Eyes” which started in 2018 and included partners from France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy.

The project

The aim of the project is to foster a deeper understanding of Eastern and Western European experiences of WWII and its consequences. A travelling and digital exhibition focused on stories of young people who experienced WWII and its consequences will allow students to identify with the WWII witnesses, while a series of youth events will promote reflection on the Eastern and Western war experiences, also thanks to eyewitnesses and special guests. 

EASTory through their Eyes has the LRE Foundation as coordinator and the Museum Berlin-Karlshorst (Germany), the City of Pilsen (Czechia), the Bastogne War Museum (Belgium) and the Home Army Museum in Krakow (Poland) as project partners. 

The virtual

The virtual exhibition consists of twenty personal stories of young people who experienced – in different countries and ways – WWII and its consequences.

It gathers all the personal stories displayed in the travelling exhibition, and it is available in English, German, French, Dutch, Polish and Czech.

The youth events

Krakow - Poland

13 April 2022 - Home Army Museum

At the Home Army Museum, Polish students could learn more about life under German occupation, the role of the resistance, and the perspectives on WWII history and remembrance in Europe. A key takeaway was that history is not black and white, and it is important to acknowledge different perspectives to establish a European dialogue.

Video report

Pilsen - Czechia

2-4 May 2022 - Moving Station

Czech students were involved in a theatre workshop about the diary and story of Věra Kohnová, a young citizen of Pilsen of Jewish origin who did not survive deportation. They discovered the traces of WWII in their own city, and met two eyewitnesses of WWII, the liberation, the communist takeover of Czechoslovakia and the eventual democratic transition.

Video report

Bastogne - Belgium

17 May 2022 - Bastogne War Museum

Teachers-to-be engaged in four workshops in which they learnt more about WWII history and the European unification process, heard from an eyewitness of the Battle of the Bulge, exchanged perspectives on the consequences of WWII for Eastern and Western Europe with Czech and Polish partners, and discussed the role of street art for landmark events.

Video report

Events' report

The project has been funded under the Europe for Citizens program from the European Union. You can read more information about the project result below.


News about the project

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