Discover the new Liberation Route Europe’s Trails in Italy!


Trails in Italy

LRE Italy, one of the LREF national branches, has created a network of thematic routes and trails related to World War II in Italy as part of the “Liberation Route Europe’s Trails in Italy” project. The initiative was made possible by support from the Federal Republic of Germany’s German-Italian Future Fund. Taking inspiration from the existing Liberation Route Europe project at the European level, LRE Italy has created these itineraries to provide visitors with a better knowledge of the war’s impact on Italy.

Thematic itineraries focus on two major areas: the Gothic Line in Tuscany and Emilia Romagna, as well as the Gustav Line. These routes emphasize significant World War II remembrance sites, monuments, and museums, allowing visitors to interact with the stories and memories associated with this period. LRE Italy has also developed three city thematic routes for Lucca, Milan, and Rome. These itineraries act as physical and virtual links between numerous historical landmarks in these cities.

LRE Italy has included three urban trekking routes in Milan, Lucca, and Rome to diversify the visitor experience. By offering both rural and urban itineraries, travellers can explore a wide range of locations, from well-known sites to lesser-known places of international significance.

All the newly developed thematic routes are conveniently accessible online at

LRE Italy intends to continue growing its network of thematic routes in the future years. The goal is to create this network of trails that can be travelled on foot, by bicycle, or even virtually, connecting the regions where Italy was liberated from Nazi occupation and the fascist regime between 1943 and 1945.