Conference closing the EYES project in Cassino



History through their eyes project ended in Cassino on the 15th of February. Italian students gathered to see the exhibition and present their works realised on the 75th anniversary of the destruction of the Abbey of Monte Cassino.

Hosted by the Municipality of Cassino, this fifth EYES edition focused on Italian experiences and the link with the European Union.

Students from seven high schools presented their projects on the memory of the Second World War and participated in a debate From Cassino to Rome, WWII as the Mother of Europe? They met the eyewitnesses: Giovanni Vizzaccaro, president of the Civil War Victims Association and Armando Del Greco, the former member of the local government.

Travelling exhibition
History through Their Eyes exhibition was inaugurated during the EYES conference. It will be shown until the mid-March and consists of the stories of ten young men and women from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands, who personally witnessed the Second World War. Some were members of the resistance, others operated tanks, and some were nurses taking care of the wounded while others were wounded themselves. Some of them are still alive today while others died during the war. All of them faced difficult choices and saw their lives change dramatically.
The Liberation Route Europe Foundation created a virtual exhibition where even more biographies are available in English, French, Dutch, German and Italian.

Address: Comune di Cassino, Palazzo Civico, Piazza De Gasperi – 03043 Cassino