An historical seminar will be held in Lyon as part of the Resistance Through Their Eyes project 



A seminar titled “Resistance During the Second World War: A Comparative Perspective” will take place on May 25th at the Lyon Resistance Museum in France. The event is part of a larger workshop that relates to the Resistance through their Eyes project, which is funded by the European Union and co-organized by several institutions across Europe, including the LRE Foundation, the Resistance Museum in the Netherlands, the Home Army Museum in Poland, the White Rose Foundation in Germany, the City of Milan, and the Ferruccio Parri National Institute in Italy. 

The Resistance through their Eyes project’s goal is to raise awareness of the diverse experiences of those involved in the resistance, including women, students, and minorities, as well as to emphasize the importance of protecting human rights and rejecting all forms of discrimination based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender, identity, and sexual orientation. Furthermore, this initiative will target to a young audience by organizing events and educational programs specifically designed for youth.  

During the three-day workshop which will be held in May in Lyon, the project partners will have the opportunity to discuss any outstanding issues regarding the Resistance through their Eyes project’s implementation and the final shape of the travelling exhibition, which will take place in various language formats as part of the project. 

In this context, the historical seminar aims to provide a comparative perspective on the diverse resistance movements across Europe during WWII, shedding light on their distinct features and commonalities. The seminar will be held during the three-day workshop and is open to all representatives of museums, institutions, organizations, and associations that deal with WWII and are interested in our leading theme of resistance

On the one hand, participants will have the occasion to explore the challenges and opportunities of studying and presenting resistance to the public. On the other hand, the seminar will foster dialogue and information exchange among historians, academics, and practitioners working in the field of resistance studies. 

We are enthusiastic to continue promoting the diverse WWII history to an international audience through events like the upcoming historical seminar.”, says Joanna Roman, LREF Project Manager. “By emphasizing unique and shared traits of resistance movements across Europe and considering multi-perspective narratives, we aim to bring greater awareness to the significance of these events. We are thrilled to share this rich history of the resistance with Europeans and foster a deeper understanding of the individual and complex experiences of those involved.” 

It is now possible to sign up for the historical seminar “Resistance During the Second World War: A Comparative Perspective” until May 19th. To register, click here.