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Aachen, Germany
28-29 February

Guided tours will be arranged for the members and key partners of the Foundation to explore various significant historical and memorial sites in and around Aachen.

On the afternoon of February 28, immediately following the EXPO, the participants will visit the Vogelsang complex which was once used as a National Socialist training centre and is now a place for active remembrance. They will also explore the Hürtgen Forest, which was the site of the longest battle fought on German soil between September and December 1944.

On February 29 morning, the participants will be taken on a guided tour of the city of Aachen to learn about its rich history during WWII.


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February 28-29


28-29 February 2024 – LREF’s Members & Partners

Exploration of the Vogelsang International Platz and the Hürtgen Forest

13:45 Departure from Aachen (EXPO location, Forum M, Buchkremerstraße 1-7)
14:45 Vogelsang International Platz
15:45 Departure for the Hürtgen Forest
16:15 Hürtgen Forest
17:15 End of visit
18:30 Arrival in Aachen & Free evening 

Visit: Aachen WW2 City Tour

9:30 Start of the WW2 City Tour in Aachen
(Departure from the LREXPO location, Forum M, Buchkremerstraße 1-7)

11:00 End of the visit

LRE Forum Co-Organisers

Institutional partners

The LRE Foundation has been supported by the National Fund for Peace, Freedom and Veteran Care (vfonds) in the Netherlands since 2012. The vfonds is a strategic partner of the Foundation since, for many projects.

The LRE Conference 2024 is part of a series of initiatives organised under the umbrella youth project ” Persecution Through their Eyes” funded by the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values programme of the European Union.

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