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The Liberation Route Europe plays a crucial role in European memory culture, offering younger generations access to history. It highlights the Allied landings in German-occupied Western Europe and their struggle against fascism, a pivotal moment in Western European history. The freedom and prosperity we enjoy today stem from this Allied liberation. Maintaining awareness of this narrative is essential.

The history of liberation underscores the high cost of ending fascist terror and teaches us to prevent such unfreedom from recurring. The Liberation Route Europe must inspire advocacy for European freedom, especially amid current threats from right-wing extremism and Russian imperialism.

The Liberation Route Europe (LRE) commemorates the path taken by the Allies to liberate Europe from Nazi rule and focuses on the Second World War and its consequences for Europe. These are also core themes of the Allied Museum.

A special feature of the LRE is that it looks at different national perspectives. In this way, similarities and differences in European remembrance become clear. This takes place in close cooperation with the partner countries. For us as a museum, the exchange with our colleagues and the public in other European countries has always been something very special.
We are proud to have been involved in this unique project since 2014 and would like to congratulate you on your 10th birthday!


Allied Museum, Berlin

Our cooperation began with the pilot with vectors on Brabant soil and this laid the foundation for the development of several historical routes such as the Airborne Trail and the LRE Hiking Trail. Furthermore, Liberation Route Europe is invaluable for battlefield tourism. We appreciate the pioneering spirit of Liberation Route Europe and the way they use opportunities to explore unique, new projects on a European level. Liberation Route Europe is an important networking partner connecting us to an international network of like-minded organizations and individuals.

We look back on our joint successes with pride and look forward to the future with equal enthusiasm. We look forward to continuing our fine cooperation and achieving many more milestones together. Brabant Remembers is proud to be an important partner in the international positioning of this historical heritage. Congratulations to you on this special anniversary!

The wide range of activities that have taken place in recent years in the context of Liberation Route Europe underscore and perpetuate the lively interest in World War II. Offering room to diverse perspectives on a period of history that has had a profound impact, both in Europe and beyond, makes it clear to many what war and oppression can result in. Highlighting this complex history in an active and contemporary way builds a bridge between past and present that contributes to many meaningful transnational exchanges between today’s citizens while deepening their understanding of the past.


Kees Ribbens

NIOD Amsterdam

LRE is a constant reminder of how from the ashes and ruins of the Second World War has emerged a Europe that is not only free but that benefits from friendly cooperation across borders that once were walls.

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